Rabbi Solomon Rothstein is an English/Spanish/Russian-speaking registered marriage officiator, who can make your wedding ceremony beautiful and memorable.

Providing Jewish Wedding Ceremonies That Are Sensitive to Religious Differences

  • Unique and creative and reflect a couple’s loving dedication to one another
  • Personalized and conducted when appropriate in Russian or Spanish by an eloquent and caring American Rabbi
  • Beautiful and poetic in content and breathtaking in presentation
  • Mindful of the special needs of couples
  • Conducted in the State of Florida and on the entire Eastern Seaboard
  • Supplemented by private premarital sessions on Making Marriage Work

If an Interfaith Wedding Is to go smoothly, it is important that the two officiants have experience in working together and can anticipate each step and who is responsible.

Miami RabbiIf you plan to have a Rabbi and a Priest or Minister it is crucial that they know each other and have co-officiated on numerous occasions. Otherwise there can be interpersonal problems that can reflect itself in the ceremony. Rabbi Rothstein has a close relationship and friendship with a very dynamic Priest and Protestant Minister. When they participate together as a team, an exciting and memorable wedding ceremony is guaranteed.

Have Tallis will Travel!!

Rabbi Rothstein will also perform wedding ceremonies across the U.S. including the following cities: