After Your Wedding

Wedding Officiant MiamiIn today’s world, where both Husband and Wife work, they often lead parallel professional lives outside the home. In many cases work becomes play and home becomes work.  At the end of the day there may be little effort to talk  or share. Just as parallel lines do not intersect, so too do 2 stressed professionals at the end of the day do little intersecting and retreat into silence.  Such a dynamic can be dangerous to a newly married couple when the glow of the wedding has faded.  Rabbi Rothstein, a Psychologist,  works closely with couples in the months prior to the wedding to insure that in the months after the wedding, that their love will continue to grow. During the months prior to the big event he will work together with you to create a beautiful ceremony.  At the same time he will show you how to sharpen your skills so that your marriage will become divorce proof!  When Rabbi Rothstein agrees to officiate at your wedding, he also agrees to be there for you whenever you call upon him. He is determined to become YOUR Rabbi. Rabbi Sol specializes in interfaith weddings, and wishes to be the person you can turn to when conflicts arise and  should the stress of modern living becomes overwhelming. He also wishes to be there for you when wonderful things happen in your life like new born babies.

Look at What Happens When Rabbi Sol Marries You!

Judd and Alyson: Married 2-17-08

Wedding Officiant South Florida

Judd, Alyson, and Jayden Brodie

Dear Rabbi,

I wanted to thank you for sending Jayden’s baby naming certificate.

Judd and I are approaching our 2nd Wedding Anniversary on Wednesday.

Rabbi, we often reflect on our special telephone meetings with you. Your words of wisdom and guidance have helped build a strongfoundation for our life.  Our home, our family, our world is a happy place, filled with love and joy.  On Feb 17th, we look forward to saying our special paragraphs to one another.

With Love,

Alyson Shaw



Another baby is born! Pictured below is Hailey Morgan Kraft. Rabbi Sol named Hailey at a special family celebration.

Whenever Rabbi Sol officiates a marriage he offers to name their child at a special naming ceremony which can take place at home. Rabbi Sol does not want the relationship with the bride and groom to end after the ceremony. He always hopes for continuity. The Baby Naming Ceremony is such a happy time and every one who attends cannot help but feel the joy and wonders of a new born child.
In the picture Rabbi Sol is naming Haley Morgan Kraft. Her parents, Jill and David were married by Rabbi Sol in New York. For him every marriage is special. In this case, however, it was extra special since Rabbi Sol had officiated at the bride’s parent’s (Leslie and Saul) marriage many years ago. When Rabbi Rothstein marries you you can anticipate lot’s of happy events to follow.