Before Your Wedding


What to Look for in a Wedding Officiant:

Wedding RabbiIf you were to ask a guest “Tell me how was the wedding?” and the person replies: “Well, the roast beef was kind of tough”, then you can be sure that the ceremony was a dud. On the other hand, if the reply is: “Wow, what a beautiful and inspiring ceremony, so spiritual, so unforgettable” then you know that you made the right choice in a rabbi.

A wedding officiant should be willing and able to spend time with each couple In addition to being a credentialed rabbi from a recognized seminary; he also should be trained as a psychologist and marriage counselor. A beautiful speaking and singing voice will always inspire and thrill the audience. The officiant must also be an exciting teacher proving how easy it is to validate one anther so they can grow in body, mind and spirit.

A wedding officiant needs to be skilled in the dynamics of interpersonal communication. Whether your marriage is an interfaith event or not, your rabbi needs to take the time to understand the makeup and religious convictions of everyone involved. To achieve this goal no one should be made to feel that they are way out in left field.

Two people about to be wed deserve something more than a canned wedding ceremony. It has to be their moment. It has to be a testimony to their love.
A wedding ceremony should be a mixture of tears and laughter. The couple should have the last word as to which rituals will be incorporated into their ceremony. There should be series of exciting and informative meetings with the rabbi over a period of time. When coming to his study is not practical because of distance, then there always is a communication tool called SKYPE.

Who is this exceptional wedding officiant who is so willing to give each couple the benefit of his experience and training? He is willing to travel. He is skilled in listening. But most important of all, he will make certain that everyone present will say: “Wow, what a beautiful and inspiring ceremony, so spiritual and unforgettable.”

Who is this wedding officiant? His name is Rabbi Solomon Rothstein.

A wedding ceremony should be a TESTIMONY TO THE LOVE OF TWO PEOPLE.
To accomplish this goal Rabbi Rothstein

  1. Meets regularly with the couple
  2. Uses Skype when necessarily  to draw closer to the Bride and Groom
  3. Helps the couple sharpen their communication skills
  4. Teaches them how to handle stress and marital conflicts
  5. Works with the couple to create an inspiring and memorable event

Rabbi Rothstein Is A Trained Premarital Counselor

Interfaith Wedding CeremonyFree Marital Check-UP and Free Marriage Counseling during the course of working together as a TEAM to create a beautiful and memorable wedding ceremony.

The State of Florida will offer a substantial discount for the marriage license as well as a waiver of the 3-day waiting period provided that the couple submits a letter of “Marital Counseling Completion” from Rabbi Solomon Rothstein.

Rabbi Rothstein, a Psychologist is registered with the State to offer this valuable service.

It is advisable to take advantage of this free offer to make certain that your marriage goes the distance.


What should a couple look for in a Wedding Officiant?

Wedding Rabbi Miami FloridaSometimes I will receive an email from a couple seeking an official, and the first question they ask is: “How much do you charge?” I immediately say to myself: Ah Oh, they are asking the wrong questions. It looks like they are shopping and the dollar sign is their main concern. Granted in today’s world one’s budget can be of paramount importance. But, the one place where you should not be trimming is the ceremony. The Rabbi’s fee is the least expensive part of your whole event. The first questions you should be asking is: “Are you an ordained Rabbi? We don’t want a canned ceremony. Will you be willing to spend a lot of time with us to get to know us and help us plan a memorable wedding?”

When a Rabbi officiates at your wedding your relationship with him should not end with the breaking of the glass. He should become YOUR Rabbi, someone you can always turn to. He should become your friend who will always be there for you when you need him. Take a close look at the faces of the Bride, Groom, and Rabbi as he talks to them under the Huppah. Do you recognize the look of love?