Rabbi Rothstein is noted for his dynamic eloquence and wit.  An expert on building communications skills, he lectures widely on marriage, parenting and conflict management.  He was selected by Dr. John Gray, the well-known author of “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus” to conduct workshops and deliver lectures on how to create a lasting, fulfilling and romantic relationship.

Rabbi Rothstein is personable, warm, kind and eloquent.  His wedding ceremonies in particular are very beautiful.  Every bride and groom deserve the best and his name is Dr. Solomon Rothstein.

Rabbi Rothstein is well known and greatly admired by Hollywood California celebrities and officiates often at their life cycle events.  Having recently become a resident of Boynton Beach Florida, he also will minister to the needs of residents of the East Coast.

Please feel free to contact Rabbi Rothstein by phone: (561) 350-8722 or by using the form below:

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