During Your Wedding

Katie Reed and Jared Zola’s Wedding taken by Ray Roman Films:

Cinematography: Ray Roman Films Officiant: Rabbi Sol Rothstein and Rev. Rick Ricardi Venue: Mar-a-Lago Music: Soul Survivors

What To Expect From Rabbi Rothstein:

         The Factors that Contribute to a Beautiful Ceremony:

Florida Wedding OfficiantIf you want your Florida wedding ceremony to be the usual, where the audience is not in the least interested and bored to death, please don’t bother listening to my suggestions concerning the factors that contribute to a beautiful, inspiring and memorable event. But, if you want your event to be outstanding then by all means, consider the following:

  • The first factor has to do with whatever Hebrew you wish to incorporate into the ceremony.  It doesn’t really matter if you want a little or a lot of Hebrew, the Rabbi should not  recite it as if he were reading yesterday’s newspaper. People love melodies. They love tunes. If the Hebrew is chanted beautifully it makes a big difference. Consider the simple prayer over the wine.  If it is garbled, you are better off having no Hebrew. On the other hand if it is chanted with feeling, melodiously, …..Listen:
  • The 2nd factor that contributes to a beautiful Jewish wedding ceremony, is the careful attention that is paid to the processional. The order of enry is extremely crucial, especially when there are divorces among the parents.
  • The 3rd factor to consider is the willingness of the bride and groom to become part of the team with the Rabbi (and minister if there is one as well.)  Meeting with your officiant on a regular basis, will insure that you are able to so personalize your ceremony so that it is YOURS and not someone else’s that you are inheriting. Distance should be no problem. Thank goodness for SKYPE.
  • The 4th factor has to do with the number of contemporary rituals that are combined together with the traditional rituals. The contemporary rituals serve as a binding force bring the past and the present together in a unique and fascinating fashion.
  • The 5th factor that contributes to a beautiful, meaningful and inspiring event has to do with the time spent with your officiant in helping you to appreciate the person who will become your partner for life. The pre marital sessions and the marriage counseling itself help you to sharpen your skills at making your marriage go the distance.  In the process, when you stand before one another on your wedding day, and you look deeply into one another’s eyes  you will be even more aware of the depth of your love….And so too will your audience.
  • The 6th factor should be the understanding between you and your officiant that YOU have the last word as to what goes into your ceremony.  It is your big day and you are entitled to make the ceremony conform to your wishes.