LGBT Wedding Officiant

Love Knows No Specific Gender

Read the beautiful love story below and you begin to realize that love knows no specific gender. For most of us, the heart struggles to abide by the wishes of parents and teachers and friends. Religion comes along and details the do’s and dont’s governing our lives. But, what if we find it difficult to conform and to follow the dictates of others. What then? Everyone faces this dilemma at some time in life. But, when the conflict entails sexual preference, there is pain and worry and guilt. Fortunately, our society, and yes our religion, is beginning to accept the true yearnings of the human heart. As a Rabbi, I am ready and willing to be of service to same-sex couples. As a Psychologist, I can guide you down, what might be, a difficult path. And, as a Rabbi, I can help you create a beautiful ceremony. Please do not hesitate to call me if I can be of any help. 561-350-8722.

An LGBT Love Story

“I should probably start off by saying, that in this moment, we are happier than either of us could have ever LGBT Coupleimagined. We grew up in different countries, her in Brazil and I in the US. We come from different religious backgrounds, she is Catholic and I am Jewish. We grew up surrounded by different cultures, yet somehow our paths still managed to cross and here we are today, 3 short months away from getting married.

Our story is definitely unique, but at the end of the day, just like every other happy couple we are deeply in love, compassionate towards one another, communicative, trusting, and having a lot of fun together in everything we do.

Our entire lives, Emmanuelle and I have always dated men. We have had good relationships and bad ones. We have been in love and had our hearts broken. We both happen to have been dating other people when we met. We worked together at the same company in New York and for over a year we were friendly. Over that time we began to become friends. We were neighbors in the city and it was always easy for us to meet for drinks after work. Somewhere along the way our friendship grew deeper and as we got to know each other and learn more about each other, we found ourselves spending more time together.

After several months, we were spending a lot more time together, as good friends do, but something was different and neither of us was quite sure what it was. After several more months, Emmanualle left the company we were working at together. I am not sure if this is exactly what caused the shift, but the freedom of not working together brought us closer together. There was undeniable chemistry between us, and many of our friends mentioned it to us before we even noticed it.

About one year into our friendship, we both knew something had changed in the way we thought and felt about each other, but we were both scared to see what was next for us because we were never attracted to women. Neither of us had ever thought about being with someone of the same sex and I didn’t know if she was feeling what I was feeling and vice verse. I also didn’t want to ruin our friendship.

After months of pretending that our attraction towards one another did not exist, we finally took the next step of admitting to one another that we had feelings for each other. It was the best that I ever felt and I think she felt the same. Over the next few weeks and months, we spent every free moment we had together and we made plenty of excuses to find more time for each other. During this time we talked a lot…..a lot. We were living a life we never planned on, but we were so happy. We were more vulnerable with each other then we have ever been with anyone. We talked about life, what we wanted from life; marriage, a family, children and whether it was something that we wanted together.

We lived in what felt like a ‘bubble’ for close to a year getting to know each other and what we wanted in life before we felt comfortable ‘coming out’ to our friends and family about our relationship. When we did, we felt so relieved and happy with the couple that we had become and we didn’t worry about what people would think of us or how we would be judged. The friends and family that surrounded us accepted us for who we are and how we look at each other, how we feel about each other and how we take care and look after each other. There is no doubt we found an amazing love and it doesn’t matter to us how we found it, where we found it or that we found love where we weren’t looking. We are a same-sex couple and I couldn’t be more proud to call her my wife in a few short months.

We were lucky to have found Rabbi Sol. When we started looking for someone to officiate our wedding, we were looking for someone to conduct an interfaith marriage and only hoped that the person we found would also marry a same-sex couple. After some online searching and reviews we reached out to Rabbi Sol. He was so kind and nice and accepting of who we are and what we wanted for our wedding. He listened to our story and just seemed so happy for us that we found true love. He had so many nice things to say during our first meeting and he walked us through a beautiful process of what it will feel when we face each other on the day of our wedding. It brought so many tears of joy that we knew we met the right person to officiate our wedding. He also has a priest that he works with to lead in the ceremony so that we both get to bring our religious values into the ceremony. We have now met with Rabbi Sol 4 times so that he can get to know us and to learn what we want to include in our ceremony. It has been an incredible experience so far and now we can’t wait for the wedding!”