Romance can and should Last a Lifetime.

Tips and advice for men and women of all ages:

As a marriage counselor and as a result of my long association with Dr. John Gray, author of “Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus” I have discovered, that the suggestions listed below can be powerful tools for making romance work for a lifetime.

  1.  Because men and women are wired differently, never expect a person of an opposite sex to react in the same way a person of your own sex would react.
  2. A warm caring ATTITUDE is infectious and can do more than any expensive gift in bringing 2 people closer together.
  3. The 2 most powerful words in any relationship is “I’m Sorry!” These 2 simple words can work wonders when anger and hurt cause dissension.
  4. Men, when a woman is trying to talk to you, stop reading or watching TV and look and her and really listen. She needs such caring support.
  5. Women, when a man does something, even when taking out the trash, tell him how much you like what he just did. He needs to feel appreciated.
  6. Men, if you want to make love, she wishes to be romanced first. Remember, that a woman needs to connect first through loving words and gentle touch.
  7. As we get older, sex takes on many different forms and one should never give up on using any of them. The key is to feel alive through sexual contact.
  8. When your partner is trying to express a point of view, don’t MIND READ!! Rather, try to listen and really make an effort to understand what is being said .
  9. Break out of the routine and the predictable when it comes to making love . Doing the same thing over and over again destroys romantic feeling.
  10. Break out of the routine and the predictable should apply to every area of our lives, including when we go to a restaurant or take a vacation. Experiment!
  11. Men, little things mean a lot to a woman. When was the last time you opened the car door for her or gave her a love note unexpectedly?
  12. Women, men need to feel: “I am a can-do guy.” They need to feel that they make a difference in your life. Romance is built upon such feelings.
  13. Women, don’t correct a man when he makes little mistakes, instead focus on what he does right. If he feels like you are his mother, there is no romance.
  14. Men, give a quick response when your partner asks you to do something for her. Take the easiest task first and assure her that the others will be taken care of soon.
  15. Go for walks together where you can hold hands; share thoughts and experience the beauty of life together without the interruptions of the phone.
  16. A variation of going for walks together is going to the shopping mall together. A woman feels romantic when she knows her man is thinking of her.
  17. Schedule romantic getaways on your calendar, even if it is only for a day. A woman need a change of environment where she is taken care of .
  18. Discover mysteries about one another all the time through honest communication. Create a “God’s Corner” in your house where you can talk.
  19. Remember: The Bird of Joy perches on your shoulders and never stops singing. The trouble is that we stop listening. When you can hear the singing of the Bird of Joy, it means romance is really alive in your life. We can help. Call Dr. Solomon Rothstein at 1-561-350-8722.
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